Ausonia Palace Hotel - Lido di Venezia

Cet Hôtel me rappelle l'emballage des savons Eeckelaers parfumés à la rose de mon enfance.... Il y avait aussi des angelots et des guirlandes de roses sur la boîte en carton bleu pâle qui contenait 3 savons ronds et roses avec des reliefs floraux. Je les aimais particulièrement!


Welcome to the Grande Albergo AUSONIA & HUNGARIA, a luxury historical house and one of the most fame 4 stars hotels in Venice. The hotel was built in 1905. It started to be famous from 1907 with the end of the decoration works of the façade with more than 7000 polychrome tails of ceramics. It’s considered a masterpiece of the Italian Liberty and it’s the widest façade in Europe covered with ceramic. The hotel façade, the garden, the interiors and the rooms have been lately renovated. The works brought back to the original splendor the fresco’s in the halls made at the beginning of the XX century. The Hotel Belle Epoque atmosphere brings you back to the past time of the first years of ‘900. The interiors are furnished with masterpieces made by a famous liberty designer Eugenio Quarti which have been exposes at the art show of Paris in 1907. http://www.hotelhungaria.com/

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